How to Record Audio Streams 


This all started when I tried out a (now defunct) beta product from StreamBox;
StreamBox-VCR allowed me to:

Unfortunately, the fact that StreamBox thwarted Real's recording prevention scheme
landed them in court, they lost, and were forced to pull the beta product. This left me
with no means of recording streams unattended. Today, StreamBox no longer provides
audio tools and refuses to support previously purchased products such as StreamBox

Goals and Successes



Current Solution

This is where things stand today:

Batch Files

Feel free to modify my batch files to match your favorite site's requirements. This zip file
contains a batch file for current and older Fresh Airprograms and another for
John Schaefer's New Sounds program from WNYC.

Example: Recording Fresh Air archived shows (without a scheduler)

For shows dated 2001 January 01 and later the show segments are currently in this form:
where "20010501" refers to the date in YYYYMMDD format, and the "02" refers to
the segment within that show. If you want the entire show not just one segment, then
this is the form to use:
The latter form must be used for archives dated between 1998 Jan 02 and 2000 Dec 29,
since those shows only exist in their entirety.

Using the fa.bat batch file several shows can be recorded serially. For example

    fa 20010501 02 60sBandLove 20010424 00 NSA

will record the segment on the 60's band Love (I actually owned their first two
albums) and the Apr. 24th show with featuring an NSA investigator (to separate

Example: Recording New Sounds archived shows (without a scheduler)

Using the batch file ns.bat in a similar fashion

    ns 1633 PaulineOliveros 1531 JoanOfArc

will record two one hour programs to separate files. Here the four digit numbers are
the program number and again the text is a short description.


FILE NAMES: The created sound files include the date-code, segment, and text
description fields, but this can be simplified as you see fit.

SCHEDULER: Using a scheduler (I use the native one on Win 2000) to launch is left
as an exercise for interested audio streaming enthusiasts.

CAVEAT: All audio programs tend to move around with regard to the URL that launches
them. This is because their host sites reorganize and/or farm out their audio streaming
services to other host sites. When the batch files no longer work, it's time to edit the
URLs within.