Sounds of Peace - Music Resources

WARNING: Cyber Hymnal is no longer located at a site of that
name, if you get to their old .org suffixed domain, you will
be asked to enter your email address. I do not know who is
collecting those email addresses so I do not recommend
entering yours. If you just make up an email address and name
and click the button, you'll get redirected to the real cyber
hymnal site while still protecting your privacy.

You can bypass this risk by going to the following new
website for Cyber Hymnal:
I've created a streamlined version on this website that only
lists the hymns that match the Sounds of Peace Song List
entries. For each Hymn listed you'll find some or all of the
  • Title [Key (our key if different)], Source, Reference pitch
  • link to a playable Midi File (.mid extension)
  • Link to a playable/viewable NoteWorthy File (.nwc extension)

  • At this time, all files are pitched within +/- one semitone
    of our sheet music. The key named just inside the brackets
    refers to the Midi/Noteworthy files and the other key inside
    the parenthesis, if present, is the key we sing it in.

    Midi files are sythensized versions that should play on any
    Mac or Windows machine without any special software.

    Noteworthy files are enhanced Midi files which when opened
    with's free player will:

  • Play the synthesized music (all parts)
  • Follow the score using a "follow the bouncing ball" style (highlighting the current position)
  • The NoteWorthy software has a wide audience in the CyberHymnal community (and beyond) so you shouldn't have to worry about any compurter viruses.
  • The free player can be downladed from: .

  • I am ignoring all minor differences in embellishment, however
    if anyone finds a significant difference in these files and
    our sheet music, let Jeff know immediately. We don't want to
    waste anyone's time learning different music.

    Click on any of the following "Midi File" links, or install
    the NoteWorthy Viewer (free) and click on those links instead.