IHM Threshold Choir - Music Resources

Each of the links below will take you to a page that is
setup as a teaching tool for one song. Each song page has
links to several playable MP3 files. These MP3 files are
recordings of a synthesized piano (MIDI) rendition of the
song and are provided in three forms:

  • Normal - all parts are played at equal volume
  • Emphasized [part name] - all parts are played, but the named part is louder
  • Eliminated [part name] - the named part is missing, only the other parts are played. Think of this as "Music Minus One".

  • What I normally do is listen to the Normal file to get the
    feel of the music. When I start to learn my part I choose the
    Emphasized version; I'll sing along with this several times.
    After I think I know my part I try singing along with the
    Eliminated version (no "ringer" to rely on).

    Typically, I'll find a few rough spots where I obviously don't
    know my part or am unsure of it, so I'll switch back and forth
    between the Emphasized/Eliminated versions until I get it

    Eventually, I know the part and rely on the Eliminated version
    exclusively for practice.

    Current Songs in this Format:
  • All Through The Night
  • Angels Hovering Round
  • Eternal Light
  • Great Love
  • If You Knew
  • My Grateful Heart
  • To Thy Loving Heart
  • Toward The Stars

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